Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Well, we had our long weekend away in Somerset and the weather was just glorious. It was so peaceful and hot and we just fished!!!! Not that I am a fan of fishing but it was a good way to soak up the lushness of the place. We got back on Monday and I seem to have been washing clothes ever since. There's an abundance of housework to be done too but I am determined to get this stock count done this week. I just want to create and having to count everything is just driving me nuts so the sooner I get it done the better really.

We are off to Ipswich next weekend so wont get much of a chance to make anything then either - we have never been so busy as we are from now until the wedding! It's just crazy. My Sister In Law to be came round as she is sorting out the hen night and I am just pleased I don't have to worry about that as there's so much to worry about at the moment - my dieting is not going well at all at the moment and I may well be forced to try something drastic if things dont improve. I have approximately 4 weeks until my first and final dress fitting so I need to get my butt into gear with the exercise really.

Anyway, enough for now, probably bored you all silly and I'm not getting anything done here am I???

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